Support Us


Every year, we enroll many promising musical talents from all over the world irrespective of their background, financial status, as well as their social status in order to ensure only the best talents are nurtured to fruition. We employ some of the best music tutors in the planet using world class facilities to impart knowledge.

All these do not come without considerable expense. A financial gift to the school is a gift to make sure these tutors keep teaching and these facilities keep standing to generate the talent they pour out.

Below you will find some of the various methods to make your contributions to our school. We appreciate any assistance whatsoever and do not deem any gift as too small or irrelevant.

Individual Gift

We are grateful that you will take the time to support us in the work that we do. To make your individual donations to the school, there are three categories:

This category is for people who would like to make a one off donation to the school. One-off donations entitle you to one free musical ticket for our student performances.

Friends are required to donate from as little as £40 to £100 to qualify for the free ticket. Any donations lower than that will not come with a free ticket courtesy of the school but a thank you note will be sent via email.

The Guardian category is for people who would like to make monthly contributions for the cause of our school. Any monthly contribution of £100 monthly for duration of six months will qualify for you as a guardian.

The guardians are allowed to attend all concerts and musical events organized by the school as well as receive newsletters on the developments going on in the school. For those who would prefer to make a one off offer on this category, they can make their one off donation of £500 to qualify as guardian. To make your donations please see here.

This is a category for those who are actively interested in the wellbeing of the school and who would like us to sponsor events in their names. It is most suitable for corporations and businesses but individuals are also free to donate in this category.

Donations of £20,000 and above qualify you as a patron. To make your donations please read the following terms and conditions and donate here.