Although we are a very busy school with lots of events keeping us occupied, we would still love to hear from you. See the following pages to determine how you would like to contact us and what you would like to contact us for:

Prospective students

Prospective students and parents who would like to get more information on how to apply to our school as well as clarification about Audition Day and the repertoire to be performed should contact us here.


To find out how you can support our school be it through making financial contributions or by purchase of musical equipment or upgrading our facilities, please endeavour to reach out to us using the contact forms here. Should you want to make a donation but would like to keep it anonymous, you can make your donations on the support page but contact us via mail and we would oblige your request.

Site navigation & general inquiry

If you are having a difficulty in getting through the different pages of our site or you would like to report a bug then you can do so through page. For general inquiries on what we do, please click here.