The signs of a musically talented child can’t stay hidden for a long time if you are an attentive parent. Many parents are so busy going to their places of work and coming back home too exhausted to pay attention to their child and their innate abilities.

Chances are they just might miss the opportunity to identify the special gifts such a child may have and lose the chance to nurture that gift to its true potential. But you do not have to be that parent. This article helps you to identify if your child has a precocious musical gift so you would be able to take action in the right direction.

It is usual for a child to sway to the rhythm or tap their legs to a pleasant musical note they have heard. But the ones who are not so musically inclined will lose interest after a short while, engaging in other activities. However children with a fine ear for music will not. But how do you know if your child has a gift for music? Find out in the following outlines:

The child moves rhythmically

As a parent it is important to watch carefully the movements of your child. Children who have a musical gift in their veins will move according to pattern to a beat.

To properly make sure your child is actually moving to the beat instead of making random movements it may be advisable to use a video recorder while monitoring the child. This will properly confirm or dispel any doubts you might have as to whether the child is following the sound of the music or just having fun.

Listening ability

Another criterion for you to discover whether or not your child is blessed with musical talent is to monitor how well the child listens to music and the level at which they are able to sing along to what they hear. A musically attuned child will be more developed in this area than other kids.

It does not matter if the child has not properly developed speech. How well does the child hum? A child who is musically aware will hum properly to the music that is playing whether or not it is from a party at the neighbours’ or a song playing from the stereo of your car. As a parent, you could properly monitor your child by playing music around the house and watching the child's reaction to the songs.

Instrument Ability

This is one important area to know whether or not a child has a musical ability. Many children have been confirmed as musical geniuses solely on the basis of their versatility and ability to handle an instrument.

Infant players like Mozart were discovered through their precocious ability to handle complex musical pieces at a tender age. You could start by letting your child handle an instrument to gauge how well the notes are formed.

You do not have to break the bank to find out how good your child is. You could simply take the toddler to a music school for the child to be properly evaluated by a musical professional. After playing a few notes on different instruments a music tutor will be able to give you reliable information as to whether or not your child will be able to pursue a career as a musician.


This best time to groom a child's musical talent is at a young age. It is important for parents to create the time to interact with their children at this age.