Over the years we have being able to enroll as well as graduate hundreds of students who have gone on to play critical roles in the music industry.

Having a career as a musician can be a daunting and almost impossible challenge. This is why many promising musicians give up without taking the necessary steps required to fulfill their dreams.

All we ask is that you take a step. A step towards us and we will do the rest. We therefore invite you to step up to the audition stage. Make the application for your audition and we will be there to give you the necessary assistance to fulfill your dreams.


The application to our music school is judged on the criteria of an entry audition alongside supporting materials backing up the application. These include but are not limited to details on musical knowledge as well as previous training and also reference letters from three reputable members of society.

Although this does not form part of the mandatory requirements for admittance into our school, but showcasing strong keyboard, piano, or violin theory skills are highly recommended for our potential students who may choose to apply in the future.

The prospective student must also include in the audition form the date most suitable for the audition as well as the musical pieces that will be performed on the audition day. For potential students who would need an accompanist for the repertoire, they will be required to pay a fee of £50.

Please address your check to the school as well as the accompaniment scores which must be sent to the school not later than one month before the day of the audition.

Please be informed that the performance must include three contrasting musical pieces which showcase the applicant’s musical versatility as well as technique. There will also be a test of aural ability on the audition day. The aural abilities to be evaluated shall include the skill to sing on a note after hearing it played on a musical instrument.

Although we prefer live auditions to judge student confidence on the stage, we shall be accepting recorded auditions on a Compact Disk or other musical file format as may be recommended for international students who may find it difficult to travel to the school on audition day. For more information on auditions and applications, please use the contact us page.