At Youth Music Theatre, we believe in building the youths, our tomorrow leaders via music

Music is a fundamental aspect of our society. We play music at the important moments of our lives, whether it is at a happy event or a sad occasion. Music has become one of the foundations of society with musicians held in high regard.

Unfortunately, not everyone can become a musical artist. The talent is not just spread enough for everyone. But this is why we are here. Our job is to identify the musical talent blessed within your child and to nurture it in order for it to blossom.

There is no better time to start your child in our school than now. At our music school, we make sure each child is given individual attention to focus on their needs as well as their growth. No two children are blessed the same way so it is our responsibility at Acca Wizard to ensure your child is given the right environment to develop the talents they have been blessed with.

Our school is one of the best musical schools in the country and we have taken the effort to make sure our reputation speakers for us. We are very privileged to have some of the most accomplished musicians in the world as our teachers.

Our Vision

The vision of the school is to give the best quality musical education to our students from across the globe so they can rise up to their potential as accomplished musicians, performers, instructors, and leaders in their future respective fields.

To accomplish this vision, the school has seven missions:

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